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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Daily Writing Wrap-Up #3 and RTW

I found this great meme while catching up on my blog-stalking. I discovered it while I was on S.L. Hennessy's blog Pensuasion. You should check out her blog if you haven't already. 

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing or reading-related question that begs to be answered. In the comments, you can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic.

We'd love for you to participate! Just answer the prompt on your own blog and leave a link -- or, if you prefer, you can include your answer in the comments.

This Week's Topic: What themes, settings, motifs, scenes, or other elements do you find recurring in your work?

For me, I think the one think that is always recurring in anything I write is the attitude of my main character. Most of the time, they always end up having this very sarcastic way of thinking and speaking, they also tend to have this very 'introverted, but needing someone to bust me out of my shell' kind of persona. I guess I take a lot of that from my own personal experience as I'm kind of the same way. I am very outspoken and sarcastic, but when it comes to things that really matter, I tend to keep that to myself. 

I also think another recurring theme is the main character overcoming their self-doubt. Letting all their fears about what-ifs or should-dos go and just become the person they were always meant to be.  Of course, this always seems to be aided by a special someone they didn't know was an actual special someone until much later in their story. 

I guess to sum it up, I tend to write about characters whom think they have it all together, but in reality, they are the only ones who truly believe they do and the people who surround them are just waiting for them to realize it, reach out, and grab a helping hand. 

Oh, and I always tend to write a semi-steamy scene, in the dark, with a cute boy. ;0)

And.... I tend to use a lot of these .... I love the good ol' fashion .... 

In other news, here is today's Daily Writing Wrap-up! :0)  

Stats for today:
Time Spent Writing: 3 hours (and it was a fun, non-freakout 3 hours)
Pages Completed: 8 (and it didn't feel like complete torture)
Word Count: 18,552 (and these new words made me giggle, smile, and blush)
Word Count Goal: 60,000 (or so)
Words to go: 41,448 (a slightly smaller crap-ton than yesterday)
Writer's Conference: 43 days (10-28-2011)
Inner Dialogue: "Hehehe.... today was a good day!"

Thanks to my Mom who read my manuscript last night and sent the most amazing email to me. It really helped me emerge out of the "I suck" jail I was in yesterday. 

Remember to send love, give love, be love!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Daily Writing Wrap-Up #2 and Tune in Tuesday

Stats for today:
Time Spent Writing: 5 hours (after taking the past few days-- okay, week-- off due to an intense case of vertigo and just fiddling here and there)

Pages Completed: 10 (I am quite pleased. I'm struggling a bit with showing large amounts of time passing;  nothing really happens in regards to the plot or my character, but the actual 'showing' of it passing seems awkward to me.  I feel confident that the plot is moving along.... okay--- I need to do a little bit of pre-planning before sitting down to write tomorrow because I do feel as if I'm losing parts of the story that important to my main characters transformation, but again, when I go back to time passing, the same thing applies here. I feel as I'm in the "and then this happens, and then that happens, and then"... mode-- and that my character is who I want her to be, at least right now--- I'm struggling with the show-don't-tell.  I think one of my biggest problems is that I'm not describing the setting (place, characters looks, mood, tone, etc.) enough and again, that makes me feel like I'm in the 'and then' mode.)

Word Count: 16,719 (I feel good about meeting my daily word count goal of 2,000 today.)
Word Count Goal: 60,000 (or so)
Words to go: 43,281 (aka STILL a massive "crap-ton")

Writer's Conference: 44 days (10-28-2011)

Inner Dialogue: "Seriously.... this is dumb. Why am I doing this again? I should just stop now and forget about the whole damn thing."  **insert freak-out accompanied by a load of tears**

Truth: I am starting to feel totally, utterly, and completely.... LOST! :0(

In other news.... It's not Tuesday, but I wanted to share a tune that I heard today that pretty much sums up my current mood.