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Monday, July 25, 2011

Film Fanatic Friday #4

There are so many great movies coming out soon which makes me a very happy and excited movie addict!!

This week my film fanatic pick is:

I think this movie looks like it will be wonderful.  All parts sad, funny, romantic, and sexy.  Now, I am not a huge (ok, not even a little bit) fan of Julianne Moore so I am a tad annoyed that she is in this film.  I love Steve Carell in movies.... in The Office... not so much.  LOVE Ryan Gosling and ABSOLUTELY FREAKING ADORE Emma Stone.  I can't wait for this movie!!  Here take a peek:

Could these two be anymore adorable together?!
I love Emma Stone and think she is a brilliant actress.... have you seen her 5 minute performance in FWB... hilarious!! She looks to have been the perfect fit for this movie and to mesh well with this cast.

Surprisingly, Ryan Gosling looks to put together a pretty great comedic performance.  I am excited to see how him and Steve Carell perform together in the film.

That is the film that I am a fanatic over this Friday.... well, ya know what I mean. (One of these days I'll post on time!)

What movie are you a fanatic over?

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