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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Going to a baby shower won't be so sad for me.

6 Things to Be Excited For

I know, just 6 things, that is an awkward number, but hey, I like to live on the edge.

1. Warrior Dash
The hubbster and I will be running the Warrior Dash on May 1.  This is so fitting as that is our anniversary for when we started dating.   Granted, it hasn't been all flowers, butterflies, and bunny rabbits, but these 11 years together have been AMAZING! We have fought through all of the hiccups and even some huge canyons.  We are "warriors" for our love and life together.  Naturally, why wouldn't we go run through mud, hay, water, and other various tasks to celebrate!

2. School Is Out For Summer
Well, not yet exactly, but it is less than 30 days away.  I couldn't be more excited and nervous at the same time.  Excited because I am ready for the new adventures my life will bring. Nervous because I will be leaving teaching.  Eeek! 

3. Family Camping Trip
Woods. Tents. Food. Campfires. S'mores. Lake. Fishing. Hiking. Family. 
Enough said.

4. My Brother's Wedding
I am so thrilled that my brother will be getting married.  10-1-11 to be exact.  He has found a great girl and it is great to see them both so happy.  I am equally giddy because my brother asked me to be a groomsman (umm... groomswoman) last night! I feel so honored to be asked to be part of this special day.

5. Traveling
Blake and I have not really been on a trip since our honeymoon way back in May 2005.  We allowed ourselves to be consumed with work, work, trying to conceive, work, work, BUT this year, it's all different.  We have decided to take a break and remove our sole focus from trying to conceive to just being happy and in love.  What's on our agenda so far this year you may ask....
     ~Vegas for our anniversary, May 14th.  We will also be seeing the Beatles show "Love". How perfect!
     ~ New York for the World Police and Fire Olympic Games. This is a biennial event where police and firemen compete in different events.  Blake will be competing this year in the "Toughest Competitor Alive."  We will be staying at our cousin, Becky, apartment in Manhattan.  This will be our first visit ever to New York! We will be going Aug. 25th through Sept. 4th.
     ~ Rocky Point. TBD. 
     ~ Mexico Cruise.... we are hoping to go in June or July! 

6. My MacBook Pro
I know, it is cheesy to be excited for a laptop. BUT I have needed a computer for lord knows how long. My fingers are a little tired of handwriting pages and pages of my book. They are happy campers right now typing away on this super quick and easy to use laptop.  It was a total surprise that I got my laptop at all.  Blake has been saying that we need to wait, it is not time yet and then last night, he was all "I need to make one last stop for a poker tournament donation" (we had been doing this ALL day), my response was a tad grumpy, but I trudged along anyway.  He held my hand and was kept saying "it'll be really quick."  We walked into the mall and then downstairs and when I looked up it was into the facade of the wonderful Apple store! He had it planned all day to take me there and had already had the money and everything ready to go.  He is such a wonderful person.  Now, I have a fantastic tool to finish my book on! I love you Blake. Thank you for always spoiling me.

See, 6 things, that isn't so awkward of an amount of excitable things.  I hope all of you have a wonderful Easter with your friends and family! 

Remember to send love, give love, and be love!

Catch ya on the flip side!

P.S.  What 6 things are you excited about?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Da-Da-Da-Daaaaa... PAGE 1

I finished my 1st page! Yay!!

It was funny because I thought I already picked out the song I wanted to do because for me, I have been struggling with what road to take in life.  Take a leave from work, go to school, etc. Honestly, I have just been waiting for a sign.  And you could probably guess the song, but I will go ahead and tell you; I thought Breaking Benjamin "Give Me a Sign" would have been a great song to start with. I mean c'mon... how perfect! (heck.... I kind of think I might still journal about that on my day off this week!) 

Anywho....  after having a not so fun day yesterday dealing with annoyances and what not, I was listening to the radio and low and behold, a Sara Baraellis comes on and bomb, Song Switch! Talk about having a journaling epiphany... her song "King of Anything" just spoke to me yesterday; Every lyric I could just answer, "yup, that's me", "uh huh, that's what I want to say" and so I just went with it.

Without further ado, here is page #1.
Artist: Sara Baraellis
Song: King of Anything
Date Created: 04-19-11
I was feeling angry and black fit the mood.

But of course, color happened.

Added some stickers.  FYI gluing down stickers is a pain.
Painted on the words with white acrylic.
Just about finished....
All done!! Add a lot of fixative to
make it super shiny!!

Overall, I am very happy with the final product.  I am very, very happy I followed my gut and went with this song! It felt sooooo good when I was finished.  Honestly, I LOVE the feeling of finishing the page and saying to yourself "I did that?"  So empowering!

Remember to send love, give love, be love!

Catch ya on the flip side!

Monday, April 18, 2011

My 1st Art Journal Cover

Well... I know I said I would have the 1st page done, but turns out... Sara's Art Journal needed a cover!! And if I might say so myself, I think it turned out alright for the first time around. :)
Started with a mixed-media sketch
book with a very, very blue cover!!

White Primer.
Blue Sky!
Tree I cut out of music note paper.

Added ground using some paper
and parts of cd album jackets!
Added a sun and my initials... mostly
to cover up an oops!!
Finished product!!

It was so much fun creating my cover.  Granted, I have never used paints or hod podge before so that was a tad interesting. I think it turned out pretty cool and I am really excited to learn how to use the art supplies I bought (paints, colored pencils, pastels, charcoal, etc.)! Tomorrow night, I begin my first page. No, really, I am. I promis I am not lying this time.  Hope you check back to see what it looks like.

Rember to send love, give love, be love!

Catch ya on the flip side!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My New Project

   Ugh... Well, obviously I have been a blogger loser and haven't not written in.... FOREVER!!

   Never fear, I have been productive outside the web world.  Yay me!! 

   I have always been a creative person: doodler, drawer, writer, scrapper, and person of randomness.  I have also always tried to keep some sort of journal.  Recently,  I have become very "artsy" in my journaling. Little did I know there is this whole genre of "visual or art journaling."  (see example below... This is just a random picture I found.)

   After poking around on Google and some art journaling blogs, I have decided to start one of my own.
I used the idea I saw on one blog of picking a theme and art journaling it for a year.  Soooo I decided on my own (well, I say my own, but I am sure someone has done it before) theme.  What is that theme you may ask.....
                                                     Da-da-da-daaaaa....... it is: MUSIC!

   Music is a huge part of my life and always has been.  I remember falling asleep on the floor of my Dad's music room listening to him sing "Under the Boardwalk" until I was out like a light and he could carry me to bed. 

   Really...  Any artist, any genre... whatever... music is just something that speaks to my soul.  I even started attempting to learn to play the guitar.... attempting being the key word. I also got my 2nd tattoo of my favorite lyric from my favorite song (John Mayer "Gravity") on my foot. I'll post a picture sometime.

   ANYWAYS.... I figured music might be a good theme to start with for this art journaling experience. 
I determined that I would pick a song, artist, etc. twice a month (15th and the 30th) and art journal a page or two.    
      Two times a month seemed manageable for the first go around and I figure that if I wanted to do more than 2 a month.... hell, it is my journal so I can do what I want!!
          I will be posting pictures of my pages every month (as that push to do it-never fear-get over your insecurities- screw everyone Else's opinions- just do it)!  I really hope that you will check back and see what I come up with! 

      I will be creating my 1st page tomorrow (I know... 2 days late, but again, Sara's art journal does what Sara's art journal wants to.).

   Remember.... send love, give love, be love!
Catch ya on the flip side!!