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Friday, August 12, 2011

Follow Friday #1

Follow Friday is a great weekly meme hosted by Rachel Parajunkie and Alison at AlisonCanRead. It is this super fun thing that allows bloggers to find and follow new blogs and also find and get new followers. You better go check it out! Or else.... :0)

Q: How has your reading habits changed since you were a teen? or If you are still a teen, what new genres are you in love with currently?

I don't really know as my reading habits have changed all that much since I was a kid.  Growing up I ALWAYS had a book with me.  My Mom has so many photos of me in random places with my nose stuck in a book. 

 I have always been a lover of children's books and YA.  When I was little I was a huge fan of R.L. Stine and yes, I loved the Goosebumps books. As I got older, I started reading anything that had words in it and if it had pictures that was cool too.  I was one of the lucky ones to discover Harry Potter from the release of Sorcerer's Stone.  Therefore, dooming (in a very good way) me to 11+ years of torture, waiting for the next installment, going to midnight release parties, and impatiently waiting (and going to midnight premiers) of every movie.  Most of high school was spent reading HP and college was spent reading textbooks.  But, you know what comes next.....


I know.... I know.... everyone says that Twilight was THE series that got them back into reading again. Which is great, but I won't give that series that much credit.  I found it soon after it was published (a seemingly unknown book to anyone whom I knew) and I was smitten.  I will give Twilight credit for finally making me get all goosebumpy/blushing/swooning over printed word.  I will give Twilight credit for solidifying me as a YA addict.  And yes, I eagerly waited for each book and movie, attending midnight premiers of both. I also did a damn good job at turning EVERYONE I know into Twi-hards and sucking them into the YA megaworld!

Soon after Twilight..... Hunger Games appeared (amazeballs....favorite series ever) and the epic adventure of the "series" was born.  There are so many great series that I read, but honestly, I'm sure you already know which ones they are.  

Somewhere in my mix of reading, I have also felt the need to finally read the classics.  I have finished all of Jane Austen, in the middle of Atlas Shrugged, finally read Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights..... reading the classics is a goal of mine, but honestly, I'm just not sure what to read exactly!

Biggest difference between my reading habits then vs. now?

Then: I used to go to B&N and be amazed at how many books I get to read.
Now: I go to B&N hoping I can look at the tables and NOT have read everything on it.
Then: No money to spend on books.
Now: Lets just say that sometimes.... when my husband asks where I am.... I always reply 'nothing'..... to which he replies '2 books.... that's your max.' :0)

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Great answer! I have limits on how many books I can bring home too. (Grrr...) See my FF over at Fuzzy.Coffee.Books if ya like!
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Hopping by to visit and follow! I'm about the same--Twilight pulled me in YA while I was in college, then The Hunger Games 100% solidified my love for the genre. :-)
The convo with your hubs? I believe I've had those with my hubs as well. lol Cassandra Clare was what brought me back to reading YA after a bit of a dry spell where I read NOTHING but textbooks in college. It's fun to hear people's different stories about what got them addicted to the YA genre. And kudos to you for reading some of the classics. It's something I've always meant to do, but just never seem to.
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Hey Girls!! Thanks so much for following me! I have been trying feverishly to check out all of your blogs, but alas my internet is not working!! It's taken me 5 minutes just to get this comment published!! However, I will be spending LOTS of time blog-stalking and following you girls as soon as my net is not so darn frustrating!! XO
My internet is a sentient being, intent on thwarting my commenting or following efforts every Friday, without fail...even though it works fine the rest of the week. :)

About the classics - I was lucky and got hooked on those as a teen...mostly because my parents were super strict about reading material, but for some reason assumed anything published before 1900 must be I read a lot of interesting books, and never clued them in as to just how interesting things got between the covers. ;) Now, I tend to gravitate towards audiobooks for the classics; the language is so beautiful to listen to...

Thanks for the blog visit! Am following you as well. :)
Great article. I had to smile the whole way through.
My parents were always complaining that I needed to much space in the car for my books when went in holidays. And I would still run out of reading materials.

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