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Sunday, April 17, 2011

My New Project

   Ugh... Well, obviously I have been a blogger loser and haven't not written in.... FOREVER!!

   Never fear, I have been productive outside the web world.  Yay me!! 

   I have always been a creative person: doodler, drawer, writer, scrapper, and person of randomness.  I have also always tried to keep some sort of journal.  Recently,  I have become very "artsy" in my journaling. Little did I know there is this whole genre of "visual or art journaling."  (see example below... This is just a random picture I found.)

   After poking around on Google and some art journaling blogs, I have decided to start one of my own.
I used the idea I saw on one blog of picking a theme and art journaling it for a year.  Soooo I decided on my own (well, I say my own, but I am sure someone has done it before) theme.  What is that theme you may ask.....
                                                     Da-da-da-daaaaa....... it is: MUSIC!

   Music is a huge part of my life and always has been.  I remember falling asleep on the floor of my Dad's music room listening to him sing "Under the Boardwalk" until I was out like a light and he could carry me to bed. 

   Really...  Any artist, any genre... whatever... music is just something that speaks to my soul.  I even started attempting to learn to play the guitar.... attempting being the key word. I also got my 2nd tattoo of my favorite lyric from my favorite song (John Mayer "Gravity") on my foot. I'll post a picture sometime.

   ANYWAYS.... I figured music might be a good theme to start with for this art journaling experience. 
I determined that I would pick a song, artist, etc. twice a month (15th and the 30th) and art journal a page or two.    
      Two times a month seemed manageable for the first go around and I figure that if I wanted to do more than 2 a month.... hell, it is my journal so I can do what I want!!
          I will be posting pictures of my pages every month (as that push to do it-never fear-get over your insecurities- screw everyone Else's opinions- just do it)!  I really hope that you will check back and see what I come up with! 

      I will be creating my 1st page tomorrow (I know... 2 days late, but again, Sara's art journal does what Sara's art journal wants to.).

   Remember.... send love, give love, be love!
Catch ya on the flip side!!


YOU ARE AMAZING! And I love you! This is a fantastic idea and the best way to get those creative juices flowing. Before you know it you will be doing 5 or 6 posts a day. It is so incredible how this journey opens your mind and allows you to see your life and world in a whole new light. Only advice: when your fingers start to itch to think and create something other than music related don't be bogged down to stay within your theme. I did that with the beginning of my Tumblr and I started to feel like I was missing out on something. So when the time comes and you just want to blog/draw/or rant about...I don't know some random episode of Lost haha DO IT! I love you and I am so happy you are doing this :) YAY! xox Bai
Thank you Bailey! I don't know if I am as talented at you, but I sure can pretend like I am. It is funny, I am already straying from my supposed theme. LOL. I really love just creating something so creative out of my own thoughts. I do it with my novels and writing, but this is such a DIFFERENT outlet. Thanks again for your support. XO Me